Why I launched two productized services: WebRingmaster & 24hWP

Frederick Tubiermont
2 min readAug 22, 2015


You may have heard about the service I launched in April 2014, adsy.me, a pretty cool web app to create micro websites in a snap. It has now almost 35,000 users who have created more than 14,000 micro websites, ranging from birthday invitations to business promotions.

In March 2015, I decided to package my entrepreneurial experience in a productized service called WebRingmaster.com(the brand name mixes two of my most recent activities / passions, i.e. running a web company / creating websites & running… a circus). Through WebRingmaster, I’m the hands-on entrepreneurial buddy of my clients, offering them actionable strategic advice while crafting & activating their web presence.

Besides the subscription-based WebRingmaster package, I recently launched a new offering: callmefred.com
Basically I create a gorgeous WordPress website for my clients in 24h for a flat fee of £699 excl. VAT. I offer a selection of affordable options if they need a multilingual website, e-commerce / marketplace features, etc.

The process is very straightforward, prospects simply visit Callmefred.com to check out the details of the service, they place their order in a few clicks and I get in touch within 60' for a briefing. 24 hours later (provided clients send me their texts & images in due time), they get a brand new website, installed on their domain. I offer a post-installation 1h one-to-one training session to teach them the basics of maintaining their WP website. I’ve also been compiling tips & tricks on my blog and I have the intention to create a few web courses aimed at uber dummies. Believe me, it’s not that easy for everyone even to write a simple blog post in WP, not to mention filling out the Yoast SEO fields ;-)

My adsy experience has shown me that professionals usually prefer to have someone create (and even maintain) their web presence rather than juggling on their own with even the most intuitive website builders. They’d rather focus on their core business. This was the motivation to launch WebRingmaster and now 24hWP. And it’s proven to be pretty successful. Now I have to find creative ways to scale the operations, a good problem to solve.